Ilya Sukhar

One Question Investment Interests

This is an experiment to see if I can distill my investment interests into simple questions and thereby meet folks working on answering them.1

  1. Smart Cameras Everywhere — If cameras can now understand what they’re looking at, what should they be looking at?
  2. Social Gaming — Twitch is amazing but where do I go to make friends to play with?
  3. Personal Security & Privacy — Everyone’s anxious about it but what are we supposed to do besides use 1password?
  4. More Productive Organizations — How is the average knowledge worker going to get step change differences in productivity?2

I am interested in Seed & Series A investments where Matrix becomes the largest investor. No party rounds, please.

Written June 2018

  1. This isn’t exhaustive. I edited myself down to four and plan to share more if this works. 

  2. I’ve made a fair amount of investments in this bucket already. As an angel: Front, Airtable; at Matrix: Slab, Parabola.